Flones vs. Pudd; who do you choose?
           Why not both…


Lara is just so perfect I just.. ☺♡


I can’t wait to get married. I want to take my girlfriend’s name. Carew-Jones sounds cooler than Poynter” Dougie for OK! magazine

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Dougie is not fitting in the locker but Lara is!

Lara - Except that one word made me feel much better, starts with an “L” and its got four letters

It was awesome to see all the fans there. It was awesome to see Tom and Gi, but most of all it was awesome to see Lara. Embracing her as I walked out of the jungle was, in my head, the most romantic moment of my life


'How would you describe Lara in one word?' Dougie: mostamazinginglystunningawesomefunnypersonitheentireworld


We’ve been together for what feels like forever but I’d do it all again and again. We’re only getting started and I know McFLY will never end.

"Im hook line and sinker in love with you".